Do you live your life a quarter-mile at a time?

Blending the love of driving with the ultimate challenge of precise navigation, the ESCAPADE tests your skills over 2 days of competition. It is not a race for speed, but a unique and demanding event based on the elements of headings, hidden checkpoints, time, and distance using maps, compass, and roadbook!

Welcome to Escapade Series 2, Its now bigger and better!

Escapade Series is designed as a hybrid of serious competition. You will be surrounded by women who share your adventurous and competitive spirit as you drive and navigate your way to the checkpoints. We like to think of it as total package of adventure & unlimited fun. So are you ready to escape the ordinary & join the extravaganza of ESCAPADE S2.

Its all about YOU and YOUR endless abilities.

It’s not just about being behind the wheel… you’ll need a sense of adventure & humour as you and your team have to crunch the miles either in your Luxury Sedan , hatchback or SUV, either a Cruiser Bike or a Superbike!

You choose what you want to ride or drive, If you are inspired to go off road we are inspired to bring you a memorable weekend.

We will take you to some of the most stunning locations and awesome roads of Southern India & guarantee a stimulating drive.

So are you ready to escape the ordinary & join the extravaganza of ESCAPADE SERIES - 2

Event Details

Escapade series - 2

  • Date - 5th & 6th Jan 2019
  • Flag off time - 7 AM
  • Flag off point - Bengaluru , India (Venue to be Announced)
  • Rally Route - Bengaluru- Chikmagalur- Bengaluru
  • Prize Distribution & Grand celebrations - Bengaluru ( Venue to be Announced)

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A regularity rally, also called time-speed-distance or TSD rally, is a type of motorsport rally with the object of driving each segment of a Course in a specified time at a specified average speed. The rally is usually conducted on public roads, but sometimes includes off-road and track sections. Contestants usually compete in teams composed of driver and navigator. Teams usually start a TSD rally at fixed intervals, creating a field that is spread along the course.

It’s a safe motorsport which puts to test a driver’s ability and a navigator’s accuracy in interpreting specific route instructions. TSD rallies are enjoyed at its best when the Driver and Navigator are totally in synch.

The key to TSD rally is the simple equation: DISTANCE = TIME X SPEED

Women who are above 18 years only should apply for this rally.

It’s a Women’s only Rally. A team should have min 2 members and max 4

  • There should be a working odometer/trip meter in your car
  • Digital clock (With second indication)
  • Writing implement Writing surface
  • Calculator(HMS calculator will be preferred)
  • Tulip Chart (Will be provided during flag off)

No. TSD rallying can be done in ANY road- legal vehicle. You will only need a car that is easy to drive in traffic, comfortable for all the team members to sit in (which means air conditioning is important), street legal, a working odometer and reliable to finish the event.

  • Check the car over for general road safety, properly inflated tyres, clear windows
  • A full tank of petrol/diesel.
  • Check the condition of your spare tyre and jack.
  • Basic safety equipment is always a good idea for example: warning triangles, emergency blankets, fire extinguisher.

Apart from regular Driver’s license the following is required to participate in a TSD rally

  • Insurance needs to be taken from the respective Car insurance company.
  • Rally license is mandatory to participate. Pls apply for a 4W Club Sport License through this l ink, if you do not have one already from FMSCI.
  • Date - 5th & 6th Jan 2019
  • Flag Off Point - Bengaluru , India (Venue to be Announced )
  • Rally Route - Bengaluru- Chikmagalur- Bengaluru
  • Flag Off time - 7 AM
  • Prize Distribution & Grand celebrations - Bengaluru ( Venue to be Announced)

Car Team ( 2 participants) - INR 7500
Car Team correspondent- INR 3000
Motorbike Team( 2 Participants) - INR 6000